Dog Sofa Review: Home Pet Dreamcatcher

Due to her white hair and sheds, we had difficulties keeping our dog off our furniture. 

My hope was that she would feel like she was sleeping on our sofa, just not ours! 

The bed is well liked by our dog, so I can only assume it's comfortable.

It looks good and is sturdy, a nice addition to our Victorian style home.

Although I think it is a bit pricey, I am hoping that it will last a number of years before it needs to be replaced. 

For cleaning purposes, the cushion is not attached to the bed in the back, I guess so it doesn't slide off in the front.

We have to push it back up on occasion when it pulls forward. Occasionally, we have to push it forward again. 

It would be best if the bottom was equipped with a velcro strip to prevent this. 

By measuring the correct size, you will not have this problem. The website advises you to do.