Irv Gotti's first move on Ashanti makes him trend

After speaking about an alleged romance with Ashanti while she was signed to Murder Inc., Murder Inc. co-founder Irv Gotti is once again trending on social media. 

After spending time in the studio with Ashanti, Irv revealed that he made the first move. 

According to Irv, during Tuesday's episode of Murder Inc., "I'm separated from Deb.".

I'm on my own. Ashanti comes to the studio everyday, and our friendship and bond are naturally growing."

As Irv continued, he discussed his attraction to Ashanti, as he stated, "And she wore those Juicy sweat pants, and her ass looked fat.".

I once asked her, 'Will you take me home with me?' She said, 'Bet. cool.'"

Following his walk to Ashanti's door, Irv grasped her butt and kissed her. 

According to Irv, Ashanti asked him, "What took you so long?" Ashanti has not responded to Irv's claim.